About us

BlueBelk is a small company started by owners Linwood Hunter Jr. (Business Development IT Manager) and Liem Nguyen (Operation Manager) We decided to develop a small company to expand our skills and knowledge. Our combined staff have over 15 years of experience with personal computers, 


Customer Services is our number one goal. We believe that excellent communication can be a stronger empire for our company. We hope to earn our clients trust by providing exceptional service. 

Why We’re the Best

Top-notch Parts


Should your desktop or a laptop computer ever need to have either of its parts of the hardware to be replaced, be sure that our stock of high-quality replacement parts will make that possible!

Skilled Technicians


A team of our computer technicians, with a combined practice spanning over a few decades, will be able to help you with absolutely any kind of a tech issue that you might ever bump into!



BlueBelk Repair is focus to providing a top-notch, personalized and fast service is always on our mind! This means that despite having many clients. Our technicians dedicate the time required for each of them!


Affordable Pricing


As opposed to a majority of other tech support and technical repair providers, we never try to take advantage of you and make you pay astronomical fees! Our pricing policy is always fair and balanced!

Our Team

Linwood Hunter Jr

Owner:Business Development IT Manager

Before founding BlueBelk Repair, Linwood excelled at leading IT Workstations Projects and IT Management Projects. In these roles, my quest to please each customer is what drives BlueBelk Repair.

Liem Nguyen

Owner: IT Manager

Before joining BlueBelk Repair. Liem worked as a Senior Desktop Service Technician and then advancing  career as a Desktop Engineer and Sr. Systems Engineer. I led office move projects, new computer roll-outs, and daily IT support operations.....







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